The Benefits of Using Natural Skincare Products

There is a plethora of different skincare products available on the market today - all of which contain a list of various, often confusing, ingredients. This makes it difficult to navigate which products are actually beneficial for your specific skincare needs and desired results. Luckily, there is a category within skincare which promises to deliver products that are both gentle and effective on your skin; natural skincare. Did we mention that these products also contribute to a more sustainable way of approaching skincare? Let us have a look at all the benefits of using natural skincare products below!

What is Natural Skincare?
We should initiate this discussion with the fact that there is no real consensus on what constitutes ‘natural skincare’. Instead, it is often left to the individual manufacturer, company, or brand to determine whether or not their products should be labeled natural skincare. However, let us attempt to break down the term to simplify its meaning a bit. ‘Natural’ refers to the source of the ingredients. Now, what does this mean specifically? It means that the ingredients in the products are derived from naturally occurring sources, like plants. To give you a concrete example, our re: Skin Ethos Botanical Serum is made of ingredients such as Baobab and Jojoba Oil - both of which are derived from trees and plants! Not only does this mean that the products are more in harmony with your skin and body, by using these products, you also help steer the skincare industry in a more environmentally conscious direction. 
The Benefits of Natural Skincare
We have been through the basics, and now it is time to get into the details.
We appreciate that many people might find this a bit too complicated, but we are here to tell you that you really should care about what you put on your skin. As a matter of fact, the skin is the largest and most sensitive organ of our body, and it should be treated accordingly. Our skin acts as a protector against chemicals, bacteria, UV rays and dehydration, and needs to be treated with care to maintain its many functions. When applying products to your skin, you should also consider that your body absorbs them - which means that they end up in your body eventually.
The good thing about natural ingredients is that they will not do harm to your body when absorbed. Rather they have proved to be very functional and will have better and more lasting effects on your skin. Natural skincare also has a great potential to limit the environmental impact from the health and beauty industry, through a more conscious approach to ingredients.
The ingredients we use at re: Skin Ethos, in our re: Skin Ethos Botanical Serum, are all natural, to serve both these purposes. You will recognize all of our ingredients from nature; from Cherry Oil, to Marula Oil and Pomegranate Extract. With a careful selection of natural ingredients, we can provide you with products that will fuel your skin with antioxidants, minerals, omega-rich oils and vitamins. In turn, this will stimulate collagen production, enhance cell regeneration, skin elasticity and firmness, and protect your skin against inflammation and irritation. If used long-term, you can expect to see, and feel, a more radiant, nourished and healthy skin.
We should also mention here that when choosing natural skincare products, you will come to discover that less truly is more. It is all about finding the right bottle - with the right ingredients. The ingredients we use at re: Skin Ethos are effective on many different skin conditions, from sensitive to acne-prone skin.


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