Re: Skin Ethos is not just another skincare brand.

When Re: Skin Ethos was officially established in December 2020, the
ambition was to make a real change. Through this brand, I wanted to
encourage a shift in how skincare is perceived among customers who are
searching for efficient, organic and nourishing products.

I first became aware about the relaxed regulations in the American
cosmetics industry in 2011, that is why Re: Skin Ethos brand is aligned
with EU Cosmetics Regulation. This raised important questions about the
cosmetic products we use on our skin on a daily basis, and convinced me,
that better solutions were both viable, and worthwhile to explore. My
goal is to offer products with plant-based ingredients, that are
environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means using highly
potent, organic and raw materials.

I have invested several years in
education, research and product development, to make sure that I can
offer products that align with my vision. With a background in sports
science, health, nutrition, the cosmetics industry, as well years of
being a professional athlete, I found it crucial to incorporate this
knowledge into Re: Skin Ethos. Through insightful customer feedback, Re:
Skin Ethos is determined to drive the change around quality, education
and health in skincare. My ambition is to show consumers that it is
possible to create high-quality, effective skincare products, that are
gentle on both your skin and the environment.


Through Re: Skin Ethos I want to contribute to a healthier
understanding of skincare - so that you can focus on being the best
version of yourself, and be confident in your own skin.


Let your inner light shine.                                                                                   Kristina Alavanja

About us


To redefine beauty as a reflection of inner courage, and youth as something that forever illuminates us from within.


To raise the bar in skincare by setting new standards for integrity, craftsmanship, and sustainability.


To harness exceptional quality of natural ingredients and empower consumers to be their most exceptionally natural selves.


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